Rocket's First Podcast: Ship It.

We're super excited to announce that Rocket Insight's first podcast has dropped: The Ship It Podcast! (aka

On Ship It we'll talk with software developers who write software in and for the real world. Rocket has over a hundred developers in countries around the world, writing software for amazing companies. We have some great stories, ideas and mishaps to share.  Being able share them with our real voices, recorded together in a room lets our unique, quirky, and occasionally hilarious personality as a company shine through.

We've already got a few episodes out for you to check out.  The easiest way to find them is by searching "rocket insights" on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify (Searching "ship it" returns a lot of hits. Turns out names are important... but the domain name is so cool!). You can also listen and find a lot more information at the podcast's main site: We're hoping to post at least one episode a month to keep you tantalized and coming back for more.

It's been a blast recording the first few episodes. We didn't count on the amount of work getting them edited and ready to ship (ha!), but it was worth it and we're really proud of how they turned out. The whole thing was an awesome collaboration between a lot of people at Rocket, and we discovered some pretty awesome audio talent on staff!

If you have ideas for episodes or want to hear us opine on a particular topic, give us a shout at  And we hope you enjoy listening!