Introducing Managed Services

At Rocket we build great products for clients of all sizes.

That said, some of our clients have no engineering talent in-house. When this happens, we generally work with the client to create all of the service accounts required to develop, launch and run their product.

Once the product is launched, however, we end up handing over control of the accounts back to the client who, in this case, isn't well equipped to manage these resources. This makes post-launch improvements or new feature additions cumbersome, time consuming and potentially error prone as we need to regain access to the services from the client who can't remember the passwords for anything.

Additionally, clients have no support and are juggling a variety of variable monthly costs which can be difficult to align with business value.

There's got to be a better way!

Managed Services

By offering managed services to our clients, we aim to reduce overhead for clients and streamline productivity by providing full management of the accounts and resources used to launch and run their products.

By keeping service management with Rocket, clients gain peace of mind for up-time, product support and reduced friction when we need to make improvements or launch new features for the client's product. They also get a simpler and more predictable billing model.

What's included?

We provide four basic services within our current Managed Services offering; Rocket Validated Architecture, Basic Business Hours Support, Basic Uptime Monitoring and Centralized Billing.

Rocket Validated Architecture

Rocket will ensure that all systems are set-up and configured following best practices. This will ensure full support for availability, observability and performance.

Basic Business Hours Support

Got a question? Just ask. We provide our Managed Services clients with basic business hours support so they can engage with us on any concern they may have.

Basic Uptime Monitoring

If there's an issue with the availability of the product we built and launched for you, we want to know about it first. We'll watch the critical endpoints for issues and take a look when we detect a problem.

Centralized Billing

Rather than multiple monthly variable cost bills coming from a variety of service vendors, get a monthly fixed cost bill from Rocket that's predictable and easy to understand.

We'll work with you on an annual basis and our contracts can be canceled at any time with a 30 day notice.

How do I learn more?

If you're interested in Managed Services at Rocket, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out here.