[Virtual Event] How Data and Technology is Helping Advance Patient Care

In the midst of a rapidly changing world brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, there is much more focus and awareness of advancements being made in the medical and biotech fields.

Finding a vaccine for COVID-19, or a cure for any major disease for that matter, is no mean feat. The development of new therapies or treatments— let alone cures—for any disease is both critical and far from easy.

Fortunately, we’ve got data and technology.

Rocket Insights has gained firsthand experience in building tools that help advance critical medical research through our work with the team at Goldfinch Bio. Goldfinch focuses on discovering and developing precision therapies for patients with kidney disease, which affects 1 in 9 people worldwide. Recent breakthroughs in genetics and biology have generated a greater understanding of the biological pathways that drive kidney disease. Goldfinch translates these discoveries into new therapies that target the molecular causes of kidney diseases and, in doing so, helps create new, innovative treatment options for patients.

Rocket helped Goldfinch automate the processing of large scale genomic and longitudinal patient data. It wasn’t easy. Prior to our work, Goldfinch’s team was using a variety of software suites just to look at the data, which was highly complex and came from a variety of sources. We helped to streamline their workflow and enable researchers to analyze data more effectively.

Now, we want to share what we learned in the process.

On Friday, June 12, at 10am ET we will be leading a virtual talk hosted by our friends at Dept Agency. Adam Fraser, Principal Engineer here at Rocket, and Adam Tebbe, Senior Director of Informatics and IT at Goldfinch Bio, will dive into the nitty gritty of this project and get into their perspectives on the potential of data and technology to advance patient care.

If you’re interested in listening in live via YouTube, please register here.