Scary Stories to Tell Developers (and Designers)

In the grand tradition of ABC Family’s Thirteen Days of Halloween movie marathon, we decided to do our own spooky celebration of Halloween.

Over on our Instagram, we posted a scary bit of feedback from our development and design teams every day. These were pieces of REAL things our developers & designers  had heard, emails they’d received, and feedback they’d been given.

Now, we’re archiving these haunting words here, complete with GIFs.

“Welcome to your first day orientation! Here’s your Windows desktop.”

“Hey, let’s deploy at 4pm this Friday.”

“...we just have a few ~small~ changes we’d like to make”

“Make it pop.”

“I can’t open that file. Can you send it to me in a Word doc?”

“You mean you only tested this in Chrome?!”

“Here’s a list of priorities. It’s color-coded, so only the MOST important stuff is green.”

“let me send you the Powerpoint I used to mock up what I want.”

“...Make it bigger”

"Um, why is this hero .JPG 40 megs?"

"can you send me a ZIP file with all of your code?"

"We don't need to test, we already know our users :)"