[Podcast] Scaling Teams

After our return-to-office hiatus, ShipIt.io is back!

In this episode Rocket founder Jesse Streb and Rocket Director of Engineering Matt Merrill dive deep into scaling teams.  

We cover "team smells", how DevOps is key to scaling teams and other topics related to making sure your software team grows (or continues to grow) healthily.

Don't forget to round off this episode with our Scaling Teams eBook! Written by Matt and edited by Jesse, if you like this episode of ShipIt.io, you'll almost certainly dig the eBook. It offers all kinds of insight onto how to make your team move faster, become more adaptive, and generally just handle bigger, better projects. Best of all, it's all based on real-life experiences Matt and Jesse have experienced (or, in some cases, endured).

Listen to ShipIt.io Episode 11 here!

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