Announcing a Design Sprint Workshop with Jake Knapp in Boston on March 15

We are holding a one-day workshop on Design Sprints with the creator of the process, Jake Knapp this March 15. View all the details on the Eventbrite registration page:

Design Sprint Workshop with Jake Knapp

Here is the back story. Back when I was managing the design team at HubSpot we learned a new process for creating innovative products called a Design Sprint from the Google Ventures Design Team. Our instructor was Jake Knapp, who was starting to refine the process in the hopes of sharing it more widely. The GV designers Jake, Braden, and JZ had had tremendous success in using it to validate (and invalidate) product ideas with startups and established companies and were looking to publish their process so that others could use it as well.

Here is a video of Jake giving a quick overview of the Sprint process.

Fast forward several years and the book Sprint is now a tremendous success. Jake is a New York Times Bestselling author, and the Design Sprint process is one of the most valuable and often used processes in the software industry. At Rocket we’ve done a design sprint with nearly every one of our clients and have had great success. We have used it to validate new product ideas, new process redesigns, new application flows, and software/hardware concepts. We know that Design Sprints are one of the most valuable tools we can use to help our clients build awesome products.

So we are beyond excited to announce that we’re going to host Jake for a Design Sprint Workshop this March 15th. This will be the first time he has done a workshop on the East Coast! Of all the people in the world to learn Design Sprints from, Jake is the best. He is not only the creator of the Design Sprint and an extremely deep thinker on design process, but he’s also an amazing teacher and humble designer. He’s one of our favorite people in the industry.

The event will be a full day on Design Sprints for you and your product team. Here is the high level:

  • What: Full day Design Sprint Workshop
  • Who: Jake Knapp, creator of the Design Sprint methodology
  • When: Thursday, March 15, 2018
  • Where: Harborside Salon, 60 State Street, Boston, MA 02109
  • Why: To learn how to test and validate new product ideas

For all the details and pricing, visit: Design Sprint Workshop with Jake Knapp