Cracking the Inc. 5000, three years in a row

We’re excited to announce that, once again, Rocket Insights has cracked the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States!

Even more exciting, this marks our third consecutive year on the list. And three years of fast-paced growth is a pretty big deal. Especially considering how much the world changed from when we first made the list, way back in 2019, to last year, when the pandemic affected every business in every industry.

This year represents a fresh installment of uncertainty. Although different from what we all experienced in 2020, 2021’s uncertainty has been characterized by highs and lows that have nevertheless made growing a business much more of a challenge than it was in "normal times."

All that said, cracking the Inc. 5000 is one hell of an achievement. We owe it, as always, to a bunch of people. Our clients, who trust us with all manner of exciting projects. Our super-cool European parent company, Dept, who made sure we had all the stroopwafel we needed to power our workdays. And, of course, our team. The number of Rocketeers has, well, skyrocketed this year and, in spite of the challenges of joining a company remotely, we continue to be so impressed and proud of everything all of our people accomplish.

Some of those recent accomplishments include our work with folks like eMoney, PathCheck Foundation, and La Surferia. Not to mention our return to the Newburyport Bed Race, a kooky small town tradition involving beds on wheels and a whole lot of costumes.

On a final note, if the Bed Race isn’t indicative of it, Rocket Insights is not your typical product agency. When we first cracked the Inc. 5000 list in 2019, it validated an approach to building an agency unlike any other. Back then, founding partner Dave Witting dubbed it the “other” digital agency playbook in a pretty fantastic piece we can’t help but plug again.

So cheers! To our people, our clients, our parent company, and to building successful companies the “wrong” way.